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Fibre CableWCBuildingWCBuildingMM SizeSM SizeDistanceCreated
F452N1-05Haslegrave BuildingHEBSHEBS (PE and SS) 1616UnknownDistant past
F489HEBSHEBS (PE and SS)NN0-??Martin Hall 1616UnknownDistant past
F500HEBSHEBS (PE and SS)LDS01Loughborough Design School 2424UnknownDistant past
F528HEBSHEBS (PE and SS)TCENTTechnology Centre 882032012-05-31 14:49:39
F529HEBSHEBS (PE and SS)ACTG30LUSAD - T Building 884102012-05-31 14:50:07
F530HEBSHEBS (PE and SS)BUTC/DButler Court 884492012-05-31 14:50:28
F531HEBSHEBS (PE and SS)BUTA/BButler Court 883832012-05-31 14:50:51
F532HEBSHEBS (PE and SS)BUTE/FButler Court 883972012-05-31 14:51:08
F533HEBSHEBS (PE and SS)NETBADNetball Badminton Centre 883972012-05-31 14:51:38
F534HEBSHEBS (PE and SS)DANDan Maskell Tennis Centre 885352012-05-31 14:51:59
F535HEBSHEBS (PE and SS)SH01Sports Hall (new) 882102012-05-31 14:52:27
F536HEBSHEBS (PE and SS)UUCOMMSPEC (EIS, Gymnastics) 882432012-05-31 14:52:45
F537HEBSHEBS (PE and SS)BKCOMMSBeckwith 881752012-05-31 14:53:42
F538HEBSHEBS (PE and SS)YY01John Cooper 885002012-05-31 14:54:08
F539HEBSHEBS (PE and SS)MM0-01aJohn Clements 885382012-05-31 14:54:36
F540HEBSHEBS (PE and SS)TOWEASTTowers 885902012-05-31 14:55:15
F541HEBSHEBS (PE and SS)QQ0-12John Hardie 886502012-05-31 14:55:39
F542HEBSHEBS (PE and SS)ZZ01Matthew Arnold 885982012-05-31 14:56:04
F543HEBSHEBS (PE and SS)TOWWESTTowers 885472012-05-31 14:56:25
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