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Fibre CableWCBuildingWCBuildingMM SizeSM SizeDistanceCreated
F025MPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall)V1-12Administration 2 40UnknownDistant past
F028MPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall)AA01Estates House (11 Holywell Dr) 40UnknownDistant past
F029MPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall)7HOL7 Holywell Drive 40UnknownDistant past
F030MPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall)3HOL3 Holywell Drive 40UnknownDistant past
F032MPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall)RES14Residential Organisation 40UnknownDistant past
F036MPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall)J1-19Edward Herbert 40UnknownDistant past
F058MPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall)D01James France D Block 120UnknownDistant past
F065MPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall)SS2COMMSStudent Services 80UnknownDistant past
F068MPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall)PMCAEstates Canteen 80UnknownDistant past
F077MPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall)SASStudent Accomodation Service 40UnknownDistant past
F078MPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall)GUGuest House (IMAGO HQ) 40UnknownDistant past
F086WHIT01WhitworthMPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall) 240UnknownDistant past
F089N1-05Haslegrave BuildingMPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall) 160UnknownDistant past
F299MPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall)LUFS01Loughborough Uni Fitness Centre 80UnknownDistant past
F309MPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall)ECOMMSInnovations Centre 160UnknownDistant past
F321NCANational Cricket AcademyMPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall) 160UnknownDistant past
F341N1-05Haslegrave BuildingMPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall) 1616UnknownDistant past
F342MPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall)X3-COMPPilkington Library 1616UnknownDistant past
F343MPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall)TOWBACKTowers 1616UnknownDistant past
F360MPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall)J1-19Edward Herbert 80UnknownDistant past
F373MPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall)HG-14Graham Oldham 160UnknownDistant past
F383MPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall)W2-42mSir David Davies (Electrical, Physics) 2424UnknownDistant past
F393MPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall)MED02Medical Centre 80UnknownDistant past
F397MPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall)BE2-72Business School - Sir Richard Morris 160UnknownDistant past
F413WHIT02WhitworthMPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall) 016UnknownDistant past
F674SMB01Stewart MasonMPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall) 1204842013-12-18 17:22:39
F675SMB01Stewart MasonMPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall) 0124822013-12-18 17:22:39
F676SMB01Stewart MasonMPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall) 1204842013-12-18 17:22:39
F677SMB01Stewart MasonMPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall) 0124822013-12-18 17:22:39
SF06N1-05Haslegrave BuildingMPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall) 160UnknownDistant past
SF07MPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall)PMWOEstates - Wood Store 40UnknownDistant past
SF15WHIT01WhitworthMPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall) 120UnknownDistant past
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