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Fibre CableWCBuildingWCBuildingMM SizeSM SizeDistanceCreated
F046F/RCOMFaraday Royce Common Room BlkROY20-21Royce Hall 80UnknownDistant past
F047F/RCOMFaraday Royce Common Room BlkROY22Royce Hall 80UnknownDistant past
F048F/RCOMFaraday Royce Common Room BlkROY23-24Royce Hall 80UnknownDistant past
F049F/RCOMFaraday Royce Common Room BlkROY15/16Royce Hall 80UnknownDistant past
F050F/RCOMFaraday Royce Common Room BlkROY17Royce Hall 80UnknownDistant past
F051F/RCOMFaraday Royce Common Room BlkROY18/19Royce Hall 80UnknownDistant past
F192ROY12Royce HallWHIT02Whitworth 40UnknownDistant past
F193ROY12Royce HallROY3Royce Hall 40UnknownDistant past
F194ROY12Royce HallROY4Royce Hall 40UnknownDistant past
F195ROY12Royce HallROY9-11+RUTH20Royce Hall 40UnknownDistant past
F225ROY12Royce HallROY1Royce Hall 40UnknownDistant past
F226ROY12Royce HallROY2Royce Hall 40UnknownDistant past
F227ROY12Royce HallROY5Royce Hall 40UnknownDistant past
F228ROY12Royce HallROY14+RUTH21Royce Hall 40UnknownDistant past
F271ROY12Royce HallRUTH18/19Rutherford Hall 40UnknownDistant past
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