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Fibre CableWCBuildingWCBuildingMM SizeSM SizeDistanceCreated
F121FAR1FaradayWHIT02Whitworth 80UnknownDistant past
F184CAY7/801Cayley HallWHIT02Whitworth 80UnknownDistant past
F185RUTH10Rutherford HallWHIT02Whitworth 80UnknownDistant past
F192ROY12Royce HallWHIT02Whitworth 40UnknownDistant past
F289WHIT01WhitworthWHIT02Whitworth 160UnknownDistant past
F296WHIT02WhitworthF/RDIFaraday Royce Dining Hall 80UnknownDistant past
F297WHIT02WhitworthC/RDICayley Rutherford Dining Room 80UnknownDistant past
F413WHIT02WhitworthMPBXAdministration 1 (Arnold Hall) 016UnknownDistant past
F414PAV01CP7 accomodation PavilionWHIT02Whitworth 1616UnknownDistant past
F506RU02Rutland HallWHIT02Whitworth 01602012-05-22 20:19:03
F507WHIT02WhitworthN1-05Haslegrave Building 0489322012-05-22 20:19:41
F694SMB01Stewart MasonWHIT02Whitworth 0128902013-12-18 17:22:39
F695SMB01Stewart MasonWHIT02Whitworth 0128902013-12-18 17:22:39
F696SMB01Stewart MasonWHIT02Whitworth 808902013-12-18 17:22:39
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